DeCartography Docs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can become a crowdworker. Workers must meet several requirements. Please click here for more details. (You cannot get paid in the beta version.)
We want everyone to feel comfortable participating in DeCartography. Therefore, all crowd workers who participate in DeCartography will be given a new, automatically generated identifier. This identifier will not be publicly visible with your wallet address, so everyone can rate you privately.
Currently in Beta, DeCartography covers a portion of the task of generating a social graph from Gitcoin’s GR data. In the future, we intend to increase the number of tasks and types of tasks by allowing users to specify the set of addresses they wish to analyze, similar to the crypto version of Mturk.
No, they will not. No. Currently, we are working on this as a PoC with Gitcoin, so it is closed to the public. Please contact @DeCartography if you are interested in the demonstration.